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Thread: help with pc video workstation setup

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    Default help with pc video workstation setup

    am getting ready to setup video workstation, have a need to convert sd to hd which seems very complicated process. found 2 plugins for adobe after effects topaz enhance and magic bullet instant hd. both are very good and high quality. need advice on hardware, i am looking at 2011 socket 3.4 intel cpu I7 and ASUS P9X79 PRO. am thinking no video card use video on cpu and possibly sdk encoder by intel with 24 or 32 gb system ram. i am looking to upconvert small to medium sized sd video to hd video. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance robert shepard

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    I would recommend the Dell Workstation. Its a workhorse. This would be my next choice, very reliable. There are a few to choose from. you can always contact them and say what you want and they will build it for you with the latest electronics.

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    To be clear, Is this a video editing station or a file batch conversation station? Two very different systems!

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    I don't think I've ever bought a system where the fixes and tweaks I would make on a system have already been done for me, Until I used the above shop, Great bunch of guys, They can build a system that will really rock.

    Even if you get a 50 graphics card, It will be so much better than asking the CPU to do the graphics rendering as well as number crunching.

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    i would say video editing and new i7 cpu processes hd a lot faster than videocard. i have been building highend systems for over 10 years so i will do the building but if anyone has experience on machines for video editing it would be greatly appreciated. i am looking at i7 2011 cpu 4core or 6core and x79 chipset that supports quad channel memory. to truly convert sd to hd it takes massive cpu power is the indication i have so far.

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