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    Hey guys , i'm not very familiar with recording videos and your site seems full of knowledgeable people.

    So my problem is very simple, i recorded a video with a camera (not hd , just a video) it's a picture camera with the option of recording videos.

    however when i try to play the video on anything else than the said camera, it lags and jerks and the sound is off.

    this is not a hardware problem my PC should be good to go (intel i7, 6gb ram, 1gb video ram)

    Thanks a lot in advance. i really need this to work , its actually for a school project my daughter has to do.

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    What make and model camera was used?
    What is the format of the video file?
    What software are you using on your PC to play the video file?
    What video editing software do you have available?

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