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Thread: I'm in need of inspiration

  1. Default I'm in need of inspiration

    Hi there.

    I have been using Premiere Pro for 6-7 years now, editing other people footage.

    I would like to be able to create a showreel using footage that I have shot myself and then edited together with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

    My problem is that when I have a blank canvass my imagination does not get going.

    I am asking you guys what inspires you when you start creating a short film? Or can you suggest any ideas for where to start. I need to start creating my own showreel to be able to show people what I am capable of.

    Thank you.

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    This is such a deep question what instigates the spark of creation. Well, before the begining of time there was a supreme being..... Ok we don't have to go that deep.

    To get a showreel together I would look through the footage I have and pick some of the very best bits and make a list of them so I know which ones to choose, just doing this can often spark an idea to get me started. Once you start it's easy to keep going. For a piece like a showreel, I often start with the music. Once I have what I want, I can then edit my footage to match the music.

    If you need more insparation Google showreels and knock yourself out on YouTube and Vimeo to see what other people have done for their showreels.

    Hope this helps.

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    Many thanks. I should of known...Google it!. I think my main issue is that I want to pick up my camera jump in the car and shoot something. I thought about just making a video to promote the City that I live in.

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    I suggest a different tack, to develop your own showreel.

    Think back to those vids you Edited - which were the greatest pleasure? . . . on a sheet of paper write down subjects/scenes/sounds . . . then later, you can review seemingly random topics and try to make some Order.
    This should be your framework for a Showreel . . . maybe try to re-create much shorter versions ( a scene only) from what you remembered.

    Make sure all of your shots are recorded as your own, so they cannot be confused with the work of others. . . . . when you have a spare moment, you can try Editing these clips . . . with the benefit that your Showreel will attract work that you are interested in (and perhaps show an aptitude, etc.).

    A second tack, you may like to consider is to look at your customer-base, past and present (and ones you'd like, perhaps?) - and produce a "I want this sort of work" - that may not be quite the same as the first showreel . . . . but you have to eat.

    Always ask customers (after they've paid!), if they are prepared to give an interview - a "recommendation" of any sort is more valuable than any amount of advertising.
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    That sounds like a plan.

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    OK ok I confess....I have been editing adult videos for the past 7 years, making trailers, and full length edits. I now want to get more mainstream work as my children are getting older and it is difficult to work with their little eyes starting to be more inquisitive. I am looking for ideas of what I can shoot and make some short movies on the fly. I have always been told what to include and what not to include in the adult biz, so now I am struggling to come up with ideas of how to promote my skills to mainsteam agents.

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    I bet your ability to colour correct for good skintone is streets ahead of most of us here
    (despite the smiley, I'm sure there's a lot of truth in it)

    What sort of work do you want? What sort of videos do you think might appeal to you?

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    When it comes to getting the creative juices flowing I use two techniques.

    1 - Silence
    2 - Mind mapping

    I think if you asked a lot of creative people (i.e.) writers, musicians, artists etc etc and they were 100% honest (i.e.) no ego or attachment to their ideas they would say most original ideas the real diamonds come from nowhere (ie) they didn’t think them themselves the idea literally pops in their head like it has been downloaded from somewhere else.

    Some use drugs (ie) Beatles (not all the time!) to access altered states of human consciousness. Others say silence (ie) just relax and be still /quiet (ie) (mind) don’t try to think of an idea and they will come to you.

    I like to stretch for hours sometimes in silence (best option) other times with beautiful classical music (still works but not as well).

    I would say 90% of all my best ideas happen during this time (i.e.) not trying to think of an idea they just come to me.

    Once I have the seed I then expand on it with mind mapping techniques to fine tune the original seedling into a wonderful tree! (well try my best anyway!) Once you touch the seed you will always tarnish it with your thinking.

    All the other guys advice specific to creating a show reel sounds very helpful whereas my advice is more generalised to all creative thinking or non thinking

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    I usually get inspired by my childlike antics. Things build on things. Essentially the same way I protect myself. As I'm working in Reno, Nevada, US, I usually work armed as a camera here can sometimes make you a target. One day I was unarmed and a shifty man approached me, so I started to think, "Hey what do I have in my pockets, an iPhone." I then decided as he got within 2 meters of me, I would hold my iPhone ports up and lift it into the base of his jaw. Much like that, that's how my ideas come to me. I see what I have to work with and then build up from that. Like I have to cars, I have a vehicle mount: Driving montage? High-speed chase? Now if I'm marketing a product I do it differently. I figure out the idea behind it, the idea of use, then find ways to highlight the idea.

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