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Thread: No audio on completed dvd

  1. Default No audio on completed dvd

    I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Version 11. I have just renewed my PC. I now have 4GB of Ram and two 500GB hard drives.
    I have just completed my first project, rendered it and sent it to DVD Architect Studio 5.0 for burning to disc. The disc burning completed successfully??? but there is no audio on the disc just vision. What am I doing wrong?

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    Is the audio present when you are working in DVD Architect Studio ?

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    Check that you use in VMStudio the DVD-Architect template, which does not include sound. Then do a second render to AC3 format to get the sound. Make sure you give the two rendered files exactly the same name except for the .mpg & .ac3 extensions. Then use Insert Media in DVDA Studio and bring your .mpg file, the .ac3 file will come with it.
    For this, see VMS 11 Help: "Rendering projects for use in DVD Architect Studio".
    Alternatively you could use the Make Movie wizard.

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    Everything that vkmast said, PLUS, your rendered mpg and ac3 files must be in the same folder.

    Did you preview your Project within DVDA? I never ever burn anything to DVD until I've confirmed it working correctly. And THEN I only do it to DVD RW platter! Ive just thrown away a DVDRW which I'd been using for some 3 years.

    To recap:

    Confirm a DVD Project is Previewing correctly in DVDA before Burning

    Prior to DVDA, Render MPG and AC3 to the same Folder

    Use DVD RW Platters

    ,, ....

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    Hmmm,,,, ?

    Some of the rendering from Vegas requires the activation of one or more of the internal licensing: MC MPEG2 requires this.

    Have you register your copy of Vegas?

    What DVD Template did you use in Vegas?


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    Thank you all for your advice. I am working on the DVDA template advice. May take a while. Don't worry I will be back if I can't work it out.

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    I am sorry but I still can't work this out. I have watch the rendering process and the ac3 file is definitely rendered after the mpg file. How do I check that I am using the DVD-Architect Template in VM Studio?
    If I can explain the process/options I use it may help.
    With the project completed I click on "Make Movie". At the next screen I click on "Burn it to a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc. At the next screen I click on "DVD with menus". At the next screen I click on "Save project markers in media file" AND "Use widescreen DVD format.
    (The video file path and audio file path have exactle the same name apart from mpg aND AC3). Then I click on next and the rendering commences.
    Once rendering is completed I click on send to DVD Architect. A warning message appears - "Warning. An error occurred while opening one or more files. The proper stream could not be found in the media file." I click on details and this message appears - " File C:etc etc etc ac3 does not have an appropariate stream to open.

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    You seem to have a correct procedure.
    What is the DVD Architect Studio 5.0 build number you have?
    DVD A release notes say this
    Notable changes in version 5.0 (Build 156)

    • Fixed a bug that prevented DVD Architect Studio from opening AC-3 Studio files rendered by Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio software.

    The latest build is 157.
    Last edited by vkmast; 03-10-2012 at 11:28 PM.

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    Nicely spotted vkmast!

    So, what build of DVDA?


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    Thank you very much vkmast. I had Build No. 126!!! Now I have Build No. 157. I have checked with Preview in DVD Architect that there is audio.
    MY NEXT PROBLEM which I think is a system thing with my PC is that I cannot burn my project to disc. I can "Prepare" without problem. When I request "Burn" I can get to the screen "Select Burn Parameters" but the "Finish" button is not active.
    My DVD Burner drive appears satisfactorily alongside "Device". I cannot see anything out of place. Any Ideas?

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