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Thread: Seoul fashion inspires people worldwide.

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    Default Seoul fashion inspires people worldwide.

    The supermodels made a blockbuster appearance at the fashion show and the number one fashion models made a grand finale of the fashion show.

    Seoul is the home of fashion and the streets are overflowing with young people dressed in the latest fashions.

    The Models are adorned with many luxurious jewels.
    View jewels that accessorised the best-dressed gowns and the supermodels decked out with luxury jewels.

    All the high-fashion looks are in Seoul.

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    Did you intentionally leave some of the video on the wrong rotation?
    It's a nice effect, and could be considered artistic, but I was wondering on a video like this where I would want to see the clothes, if it would be better to rotate the video to its correct orientation.

    Apart from that, this seems to be well pieced together.

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    Yes must admit I find that distracting too

    But enjoyed the video

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