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    Hello there! I finally finished my music video parody off Eminem's Lose Yourself. Now, before viewing, know that the singing is intended to be a joke. Constructive criticism is welcome (regarding the lighting, cinematography, and color; not the singing) Thanks!

    Meow Yourself- "Lose Yourself" Parody - YouTube

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    I thought it started off well but then I noticed the post work you did on the face. I then just found it very distracting. Did you do this because you thought it was to dark ? This would have looked better by raising the gain of the whole picture then putting a vignette over it but I don't know what the raw footage looks like. You should have put more feathering on the edge to hide it. I thought the green was a bit too strong.

    I think the audio could have been produced better. It sounded very flat and then in other places it just sounded like you had your head in a box.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh.

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    No thank you for the advice! Yes the audio was tough (I am not the singer) because quite frankly the person he was singing is not, haha. I actually got the same criticism from a freelance cinematographer i know about the face. The footage was dark and Im pretty sure ur talking about how half the face was dark and the other half bright? The green is modeling Eminem's actual music video for the song where he has the background green and the left side of his face illuminated. If you could go into more detail about the face that would be very helpful. Once again thanks for the advice!

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    I know the original, that's why I said the green was a bit too strong. I wasn't talking about the original lighting. There is a light spot over the face that was done in post which was very distracting.

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    O! Okay yes the initial lighting had the light on the left side of the face but it wasnt strong enough, so I added the spot light. When he moved (I think this is what your talking about) did not stay on his face. You could see it "bobbling" around. Yes I agree there. I use Magic Bullet Looks 2.0, which u can track the sport light/ vignettes in AE and FCP, but I use Premiere to edit. I was outta luck to make it perfect, but yes I can understand Thank you

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    I'm talking about the light area that I have circled.

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    O okay. Huh I did not quite pick up on that. I thought I placed that "light circle" overt the left side of his face to draw more light to it. Thank you for pointing that out.

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