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Thread: Where do you guys host your Vegas Videos? Amazon S3 or CloudFront?

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    Default Where do you guys host your Vegas Videos? Amazon S3 or CloudFront?

    I have been told from many people that CloudFront is the way forward?

    I have a Amazon S3 and it works ok, but I do feel that it makes my videos lag.....(that might entirely be my inexperience).....

    But I was wondering if people could reply with their favorite hosting and why? Perhaps YouTube is the answer since they do compress the video and have huge servers......

    Anyways, as always, all advice hugely helpful thanks

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    I use a plus account on

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    I like and use Youtube because it has the different formats so it's good for different internet speeds. AND it's free.

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    I have experimented with Vimeo (fee account) and You Tube (free)

    My personal pref is""You Tube" too but appreciate that Vimeo might be a better overall host for quality (plus Marc certainly knows his stuff and he uses Vimeo.)
    But after comparing the same video side by side (ie) embedded on word press site) I personally couldn't tell the difference if anything the "You Tube" video ran smoother.

    But hey there are pro's and cons to both.

    Midnight get to bed it's almost 12.00 man!

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    Who appointed you as my mother. This is my time of night.

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    Missed your reply ..I was asleep in bed

    However I am like you (ie) a bit nocturnal ...

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