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    Default extracting clip segments

    I'm trying to extract a segment from a clip in the Program view monitor. I've inserted the In and Out points and the markers but when I press the Extract button nothing happens on the Timeline. It seems to only extract the segment from the Program view monitor but not on the Timeline. I have the clip selected on the Timeline but still it doesn't work.
    I'm using Premiere Pro but I'm very new to this program... I'm pretty sure it's just something very simple that I'm overlooking but it's driving me crazy.
    Any help you guys can be will be greatly appreciated by both me and my psychiatrist!
    Hari Navarro

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    Not sure if I've got your meaning here, but I'll try.

    If you want a short piece of video file, it's usual to insert the full clip in the preview window (that's the left one - if your using two-screen view), mark your in-point and end-point, then drag it to the timeline.

    This way, only the piece marked is inserted. The right window is for your completed movie so far. Does this answer your q?

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    Default Thanks Tone 33

    Thanks for your reply but I'm still confused... sorry!
    What I'm trying to do is extract a segment from the middle of a clip but what is happening is that the segment seems to be removed only from the Program view monitor without affecting the Timeline, which is what I want.
    Basically, with the Extract button in the Program view monitor I'm supposed to have two different clip segments on the Timeline as a result of the Extraction... but what is happening is that whatever action I take in the Program view monitor is not affecting the Timeline at all...
    Hopefully I've been as clear as Ben and Jerry's choc chip cookie dough,
    Hari Navarro :twisted:

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    Drag video from project windon to the left monitor, Mark In, Mark out, drag to timeline. You'll get the video between the mark in and out on the timeline. Repeat for all the sections you need.
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