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Thread: Question on Frame Rates please (should they be the same on camera + Vegas?)

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    Default Question on Frame Rates please (should they be the same on camera + Vegas?)

    My digital camera (SONY HDR CX 560) currently has three Frame Rate options which are 60i, 60p and 24p.

    Am I correct in assuming that this must be matched to Vegas settings > File > Properties > Frame Rate?

    In Vegas it has a frame rate of 29.970 (NTSC) which I am assuming should be matched to my 24p (not sure what "p" is)

    Anyway is my assumption correct - i.e. should we match video frame rates with Vegas settings?

    Thanks for all help!

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    I ALWAYS, match my Vegas project to the content being edited. If you think about it for a second, if you don't, then Vegas will be forever attempting to configure itself to marry your editing decisions on ALL the mismatched Media ALL-THE-TIME! Give Vegas a chance to help you.

    Mostly I shoot in PAL HD 50i which produces a very editable and stable MXF file which is wrapped in an MPEG format. I then go and set my Vegas Project to match this format.

    P = Progressive Scan

    I = Interlace Fields

    Please take the time and Google these terms. There are some simple and valuable sites willing to explain further.

    OK, there are mostly 2 major systems/flavours of recording video: NTSC (mostly the US) and PAL (mostly Europe). There are other countries adapting these flavours, but this will get you there.

    Sure, 29.97 is a frame rate and IS part of the NTSC convention. 24p ( 24 complete frames per second) and by that "p" determines it will not be interlaced.

    So, here you are with 29.97 frame rate (is it "p" or "i") and you are wanting to set your project . . to do what?

    60p is 60 FULL frames per second. It has thrown away any field Interlace options. On the other hand filming in 60i will give you video that will have 30 fps but each frame will consist of 2 interlaced fields. There is much, MUCH discussion on the pros and cons of Prog v Inter. Please go ahead and again Google and read up on this.

    OK, my advice would be to set your Camera to film the content you need to capture correctly/sufficiently/appropriately and artistically the way you want to do it - THEN match your Project to your Footage. There is a rider to all this: If you insists on 2mixed" compliance footage then I'd be re-rendering that footage to comply BEFORE I edit. There are several occasions where I wouldn't, but this has gotten me, thus far, ok. On the contrary, I've gotten myself into all types of pickles mixing footage that well, made Vegas fart and keel-over on me!

    So, to recap:

    * Video in the way you need to do.

    * Match your Project to your Footage.

    * Either re-render any footage that doesn't comply to your Project OR have a bleedin' good reason why you aren't!


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