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Thread: is 85 MB large for a .mp4 to play as an online video?

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    Default is 85 MB large for a .mp4 to play as an online video?

    My rendered video is 85 MB. I uploaded it to Amazon S3 to make it faster to download but when I test, it has difficulty to play. By difficulty I mean that it plays for 3 seconds then stalls...then plays again....then stops....then plays another 2 seconds.

    It might be my internet connection? I tested my speed at it is 10.63 mbp/s which seems more than ok to play a video hosted with large servers like Amazon.

    Any advice greatly appreciated

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    How long is the video?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    How long is the video?
    its 1 minute and 20 secs

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    Here are some typical MP4 files I've given to a client recently:-

    Typical MP4 size and Lengths.JPG

    So, I've got a range from 14mins = 93mb, down to 34 seconds = 3mbs

    What's going on then? Well, an MP4 is an MP4 is an MP4. This is ONLY the wrapper. What is inside and WHAT was used to compress is the thing that will reduce your file size.

    . . . . .

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    I have a 10min video "about 1,2 gb" uploaded to youtube.
    I used Sony AVC to render in for quality

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    Sounds fine to me.
    Of course, with a different codec or further compression, you could bring down the file size. I'd play around with the export settings to see what you can get without losing too much picture quality.

    If you're uploading it to the web to be played, e.g. youtube, remember they'll process it with their own compression, so even if it doesn't conform to their usual format, they'll convert it automatically.

    If it's having trouble playing back on your computer, then I'd definitely see what you can export in the settings. It could be a high data rate in the video, or anything to be honest. It's most likely a combination between the codec used for the MP4 compression, data rate and what your computer can handle.

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