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    Hey, I have recently created my youtube channel and im going to make wow videos. I am really really bad at editing so I need someon to help me with that.
    Some basic info about my channle
    -The name of it is "Muugaming"
    -Im doing diffrent kind of videos such as :
    -Warrior pvp
    -DK soloing
    -And some other games.

    What i need from you as my editer:
    I do not request any insane eiditing, because I can't pay you.. atleast not for now.
    I don't want any windows movie maker editing.
    I need you as my personal editor which means I need you for more than 1 video.

    How we will do it:
    I will compress the files with sony vegas, from fraps into wmv
    I will compress alot of clips into a Winrar folder and upload it to some site where you can download it from and you will do the same when you have edited.

    If there is something you are wondering about or if there is something I have left out please write a comment

    You can contact me at this email :
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    So, you want someone to do a job for you for free and you're even specifying that they shouldn't use certain tools. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muu View Post
    I will compress the files with sony vegas, from fraps into wmv
    If you have Sony Vegas and you know how to compress the files, then why not simply start editing with it yourself?

    Video Production Services Company UK London

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