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Thread: Sounds easy enough to me, but..........

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    Default Sounds easy enough to me, but..........

    I have a Pentax Optio MX4 which takes video at 640x480 30fps in Quicktime format. ALL I want to do is be able to write these little movies to SVCD, and play them in my DVD player.

    I know I need to encode into SVCD format, and then burn, and have tried several programs, with very little success.

    The closest I got was using TMPEGEnc to convert to VCD, then VCDEasy to burn it, but THE SOUND GOT LOST in the conversion. I am not just looking for a free ride here, I will buy the software if it works well!

    Can anybody help me, I am pulling my hair out!


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    I'd suggest you double check all your settings in TMPGenc, it could be a simple audio settings problem. I've been caught out a few times when exporting video and audio seperately, then burning the dvd and having no sound.

    If its still happening, you could try converting the Quicktime files to AVI with River past Video Cleaner (Download free trial here), then use the software you normally use with your burner, The basic Nero or Sonic package should be able to make an SVCD from an AVI file without too much bother.
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