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Thread: Non-Linear Video Editing....Help needed.

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    Default Non-Linear Video Editing....Help needed.

    hi guys
    i need some information,me and my friend,we are going to start the video editing and mixing for wedding shoots.i came across something while searching for its softwares and going into details of video shooting,its techniques and details.i was basically searching for in-depth knowledge for video shooting.

    i read somewhere about non-linear video shooting,i read for it on Wikipedia,it was written that linear shooting and editing was primitive and now it is much obsolete,with the introducing of non-linear shooting and editing.more over i also found some hardware that is needed or is good to use for this purpose.i want to know basically what is the ADVANTAGE in non-linear shooting and what are the good cameras for this purpose.

    2ndly i found these websites which i am giving,please see this hardware and let me know what it is used for?
    Lumenosity Reviews and Workflows: AJA KONA LH/E Review
    Video Editing - Hardware with Software | Grass Valley

    i am sorry if i am asking too much,but basically i am newbie in this field and i want to enter to it with full knowledge and information.i sincerely need your help.

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    Linear editing either uses the original raw footage (film) cut and placed in sequence, or records to tape such that any tracks already placed on film can't be moved. Non-linear editing merely references the original footage, meaning tracks can be placed in any order, duplicated or otherwise edited without affecting the original film; placed tracks can be moved around and the final video uses the original footage to export a new video. By using a PC , you are performing non-linear edits.

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