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Thread: Hello to all :-)

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    Default Hello to all :-)

    Hi All,

    I just thought i would pop by and introduce myself as i have just found this forum.

    I have been semi professionally producing local community films now for a few years, mainly documentaries but with a few music videos thrown in for good measure.

    I am about to enter into the world of corporate video with my first 2 jobs so i am looking to raise my game. I recently did my first film in HD, along with my first attempt at green screen work. I will post a link once i have this eiter on YouTube or my website, along with links to my music vids.

    I use the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 on a pc, along with Magic Bullett Colorista and Denoiser. I am also about to purchase MB Looks for my latest project.

    I hope i can learn from you guys here on the forum, as well as help out others with advice too.

    Have a good day all,

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    Welcome to the forum. You might find posting your work in the user video section for critique is the best way to "raise your game". Also critiquing other videos is a helpful thing to do for your self and others.

    Have fun.

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    I came here to learn and can't recommend this forum more highly ......great people here and great advice.

    I have since become a senior member (ie) I stayed here !!

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    Hallo al. .

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    Welcome aboard!


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