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    i have been looking through the forum trying to find the answer i am after, but i am still finding it hard. This question relates to screen video capturing, resolution, editing and quality. I am basically looking to create something like this

    Google+: A quick look - YouTube

    My problem is , every time i try and zoom or get that close whilst screen capturing with video, it is blurry etc. I am using 1280x720 for capture , edit, and export. I even tried lowering or raising the resolution for the closer shots, but again i can not seem to match this quality. Can someone help me , or give me some advice on this sort of thing, and how i go about setting it up for the same quality.

    I appreciate the help, thanks

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    The example you have given looks like it was filmed with a camera from a live screen and not captured through software. You can see the dots that make up the screen. When capturing you would have to zoom in as much as you can during to capture. Then if needed you could zoom in a little more during editing. Try to capture at the highest resolution you can to stop the zoomed image looking too degraded.

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    Why are you re-filming YouTube? The quality is usually not too good and re-recording is unlikley to improve things (although shorter perhaps).
    There is software to do screen-capture but YouTube is semi-protected as it doesn't want copies to be made.

    If you insist in filming yr screen, I'd suggest you try with some slides, to get the exposure/focus right so you're set up corectly. You may have issues with focus (AF can create "hunting" as the image changes), so some rigid camera-holder may be required.
    Unless yr camera is good for close-up a screw-in CU lens may help (Look under Close-up filter).

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    @midnight -- i had a suspicion that the screen was actually filmed, but i thought screen capture would do the same thing and higher quality as you aren't filming another screen.
    @vidmanners -- I am not filming YouTube videos, that was just an example. I am creating the something similar for another website. Screen capture software has good quality, but as soon as you zoom really close, it is to blurry.

    i will try a couple of things , firstly take certain frame shots on my DLSR of my screen, which i can morph and animate as though it is scrolling up and down a page etc. I will also try and film some shots, then see how good it comes up and mix the images / video to make the final video.

    if you think of anything else i appreciate the help


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    If you have screen software then I suspect the Getting too close is a digital effect - you are running out of pixels,. If the purpose is to demonstate some enormous enlargement (er, but why I wonder?), then you can fake it by slipping in a picture that is itself a close-up (taken on a DSLR, etc).
    That should give your zoom-in new definition - but it's a fake, if you can live with it . . . and I wonder it won't confuse the viewer . . . or is this some spy-thriller where CCTV can zoom in a read the time on a wristwatch?

    If the latter then a fake is the only solution.

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    The video is essentially the same style, and for a website. Since this is a new website, zooming helps portray what the site is, but you never totally see the site. So it still has a bit of mystery about it etc. Zooming to show certain areas, links, features or even typing in the address bar. I will most likely slip in DSLR shots, screen capture and video. I will do some more testing and see what the best option is, but i dont think anyone will notice unless you are really really looking for it.


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