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Thread: Organising Media Bins

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    Default Organising Media Bins

    VS v10
    I keep my Project Media in separate "Bins" - under the Media collection. This includes VideoHD, Text, Stills, AudioFX, Music, etc.
    However, if I add a title (say) and have forgotten to click on "Text Bin" then VS puts the generated media into whichever Bin is current.
    This is annoying - SO I'm looking for a way to move the stuff about - to tidy-up my Bins.

    I've checked under Help and it shows how items can be deleted from a named Bin (although it remains in the Project in the main Bin.). There is another option to delete items entirely (from the Project). However, I can't see how (say) two bins can be open at the same time so rogue items could be moved into their correct Bins. There seems to be no Cut/Copy/Paste that is universal in Word-processing and Photo-Editors.

    Any ideas? -or- do others not bother with separate Bins? - I thought this was a good idea; but for one project it's got so confusing with generated-media appearing all over the place.
    I wonder why (if you have multiple Bins prepared) VS doesn't demand to know which bin to use so this doesn't happen.
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    Vegas Pro 11 (so your results may differ)

    Remember that putting media in a "bin" doesn't actually put it anywhere - it just creates an entry in that bin - a "tag" effectively.
    So an item of project media can exist in more than one bin concurrently.

    Personally I'd find it a PITA fi Vegas asked me which bin, everytime I impotrted a bit of media.

    However, I find it easy and intuitive to drag media from one bin to another:
    In the Project Media
    window/tab, the left hand side contains the bins - which you can expand to show all and the right hand side displays the contents of the bin which is currently selected in the left hand side.
    Simply drag a piece of media from the RHS to the bin you want it in on the LHS - this effectively moves it.

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    I hardly ever visit the media bin. I usually work straight from the explorer tab to the time line. I do however have very ordered file system for my media.

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    Thanks MB, I'm not so well organised and my amount of Chaos would take years to unravel. I don't use the "Explorer" route, I "import media" and then find the files in a dedicated "Project folder"
    (where items are really present - yes, I know it's a waste of HDD-space, but I'm not aware of a "proxy" method and somehow I like the idea the file is really there.

    Thanks TS, it works a treat in v10 Vegas Studio too! I just wonder why it's not in "Help" - if it "too obvious", then it is pointless reading "Help" - which as some clever sould said "it's always easy when you know"

    Soon, I shall start another Editing Session, knowing my stuff is sitting in the Right Place. Thankyou.
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