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    I have adobe premiere cs5.5. I shot a video of a performance in the dark, it's a black light show. The video came out to be kind of pixellated/grainy. How do I correct that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't see what you can do to get rid of pixilation. Adding a blur might reduce it a bit but that would affect the image adversely as well. Try upping the contrast ? It's hard to really deal with that as a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    I agree, you can try some curves and play with the colour. I'm plagued with UV stuff and so much depends on the intensity of the lights, and the quality of the UV materials- some, often the purples and blue look out of focus anyway, so making it more vivid, even if the colours shift considerably can sometimes mask the presence of the noise.
    One thing I did try was adjusting the gamma, that seemed to darken it enough so that you don't quite notice the giant pixels. But still not the perfect solution that I was looking for.

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    I wonder what the picture looked like when OP was filming - or have these UV lights taken-over the exposure control . . . very odd.

    One suspects that if it's bad footage, it cannot be improved, only masked by some effect to distract the viewer.
    Did the audio come out OK?

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    You could try this but it might be a bit long winded and is difficult to tell if it'll work without seeing the original footage. Sorry if I approach this from a vegas point of view but the technique will be transferable I'm sure.

    Create two layers with exactly the same footage
    Use the black in the top layer as a chroma key so everything but the black remains
    Blur the background footage. This should at least spread out the pixelation.

    You'll have to do some fiddling about with the settings but as well as using the above advice but it should help.

    Good luck.

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    I've used the same technique optheatre described a couple times, its done the job.
    alternatively try a denoiser. red giant do a good one but its pricey, there are some freebies out there though

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