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Thread: The soda machine

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    Cool The soda machine

    Took 1 week to make it, a video where a guy fights to get a soda can but the vending machine is not working:
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    I think you should have kept some of the background noise when you moved to the music section. It seemed a bit odd that the sound suddenly stopped. I like the end.

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    Yeah, I thought about that, but I was very tired and wanted to publish it at youtube at once. Now I cant edit it, because someone may have copied it already, have to keep it unique.

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    it was a bit slow for me, would have preferred the pace to be a lot quicker, however I agree with MB, the ending was good

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    Enjoyed it but you very nearly lost me as it was sooooo slow. The veiwers gets idea far quicker than you are giving them credit for.
    Another suggestion - try to keep shorts under 2:00 - this went just over. As soon as I see anyhing over 2 min I think it's going o take some commitment from me. There's a big psychological difference between 1:56 and 2:04!

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