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    I haven't posted a video for Ages. I have been doing stuff I promise!

    I had to cut a quick tailored showreel for a quote the other day, figured I'd share it. Its a bit long and a few samples could be cut, however there were certain elements I needed to emphasise so it had to be done.. enjoy!

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    1.08 ouch!!! back to re-edit horrid cut. thats not good at all :/

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    A few very quick observations from a casual viewer:

    - the aspect ratio for the burlesque part was wrong
    - I liked the behind the scenes footage, which you rarely see on reels (or at least the ones I've seen)
    - I was surprised you didn't show the reaction shot (the woman laughing) during the cricket section.
    - you look like you have a broad body of work.
    - i felt you knew what you were doing and the video gave me a feeling that I could trust you as a film maker, but a few glitches made me think the video was rushed.

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    I thought it was a great opening section. Just a couple of points. I've seen better burlesque footage from you so I would have a hunt around to find some better clips, After all a reel is suppose to show your best bits. I liked the graphic of the cricket sequence but I wouldn't have used the long panning on the photo in a reel. At around 3:17, the audio fades just a little to early it cuts off the work Karate. You did the same again at 4:19, cutting off the audio before the chap had finished his sentence. I liked the morphing faces bit but thought you missed on a couple of the changes with the eyes not being in the same place, Like the Godley and Creme - Cry video.

    I hope you find this critique constructive and helpful.

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    Thanks Marc
    It was indeed very rushed, sadly thats the pace I'm stuck with at the moment. A lot of people request reels with only a couple of days notice whilst I'm in the middle of projects, and with projects back to back, theres no time to sit down and make several reels. Not that I'm complaining, it is on my to o list to sort that out asap though

    aspect ratio - yes, very cheeky of me I admit. Its old footage, needed to make it sit in a bit better so comprimised between ratio that not all clients will notice or 4:3 which everyone will notice.
    Reaction shot for the lady - sadly there is none, that was a strictly audio sample. The less technical savvy clients sometimes question wether its possible to use audio with still images, hence its place in the reel.

    I'm glad you trust me Thankyou

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    Nothing to add to what's been said. Doesn't mean I've ignored it
    The most telling thing to me is the wide body of work as Marc out it. Very impressive.

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    thanks guys, super constructive apologies MB, I missed your post and looked very rude ignoring you :/

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    No worries.

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