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    Looked like an interesting shoot. Why did the camera ops feel the need to wear bio-hazard suites.

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    I was unable to understand the lyrics; I would have liked sub-titles. I liked the visuals of many of the scenes. I urge caution about the length of clips. There is a thin line between letting the audience want more, to the losing some interest before the end.

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    This was really ugly. I'm guessing that was the intention so well done!

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    loved it, I like the attention to details, I've watched the actual video, I also happen to like the music. great job ! lots of inspiration and ideas for me too

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    Bit confused (doesn't take much). Was this a "making of" or a song called "making off". I had assumed the latter, but seeing the camera in the video suggests the former...

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    Not my kind of music ..... but I thought the lighting was very effective in this video (ie) creating the feeling of being locked in or trapped in some way .... not nice lighting but very effective.

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    thanks thanks hier is de finale clip

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