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Thread: Slimbob's Amazing Cellar To studio Transformation Video

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    Smile Slimbob's Amazing Cellar To studio Transformation Video

    Hey Guys

    O.k o.k I know the title is setting me up for a major fall buy hey I’ve got to get your attention!

    Is this in the best place or should I move it to user videos??

    I have been a busy bee!!!!!!

    Here is my first video of my “Cellar Transformation Project” (cellar to studio).

    First of all I am using (WMM 2.1) (Windows XP) on my 20th century P.C so I am not trying to create a great video here or impress anyone. I realise this is crap but I have just done it quickly to show you what I have been up to since joining and learning from you guys on here.

    I have added a bit of music (Beethoven) to hopefully make it a bit more of an enjoyable watch.

    I am not too bad with (WMM) but having problems with imported Beethoven?Tried wma, mp3 even tried saving movie file and adding it after with no other audio but still tends to jump in parts? Sorry about this I am still learning Sony Vegas big learning curve at least WMM 2.1 enables me to get something done for now to show you but I have no audio editing control. Plus my computer is really old now (10 + years)

    My goals are:

    1 – Create studio
    2 – Build lighting kit and learn about light
    3 – Then master my camera (ie) learn about manual controls
    4 – Learn how to capture and import video Vegas
    5 – Learn how to use Vegas

    Anyway sorry about jumping music!!!! Go easy on me Tim !!!!!!!!!!

    I have had so much helpful advice off everyone especially Tim, Midnight along with Rembrandt Rob, Paulears and many others. I literally can’t thank you all enough.

    Hey midnight you won’t see my special blue background curtain on this video I had to send it back and swap it for a continuous 3 meter piece to fit studio (error on my part). I will make sure to show it on future updates of my studio/project. You will love the colour Midnight!!! Hence your name.

    Hey Tim you will see now that I can do the 3 things you recommended to separate myself from background curtain to give good 3 point lighting.

    1 - Move well away from the background curtain
    2 - Light the background curtain separately
    3 - Backlight myself.

    It has been some much fun this trying to do my best on my limited budget my ebay mate has saved the day by sourcing the cheap duvets and duvet covers for me! Lots of disasters along the way but that is what makes it such fun.

    Allergic to duvets before putting in 100% cotton covers!(Don’t laugh Midnight!)
    The whole studio collapsing on me after cup hooks came away from ceiling.
    Clamp lights springing off stands and bulbs smashing along with countless other mishaps.

    But I was determined to do my best with this as this studio is not just for my “Secret Cat” project but for many future ideas too it is very exciting for me this guys plus finding this forum has been a joy (I am not leaving here!)

    If you like my budget collapsible studio hopefully you will like my budget 3-point lighting light set up!!!! I have used all manner of things to make it including mic stands, black mount board, heat resistant cinefoil and bulldog clips.. It’s a real “Blue Peter” set up .All Rembrandt Rob’s advice has been noted and acted on. However the Ianiro ICE units or Photoflex Starlight units are on my Christmas list but for now go to get something done with what I have!

    Thanks anyone in advance who takes the time to watch my video and leave any comments.


    P.s – Budget 3 point lighting kit video to follow very shortly along with its first light test with photofloods and cat makeup/outfit.

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    Nice one Bob. Looks good, I can't wait to see some proper productions made in it now. I have a question, if you have a perfectly good tripod, why didn't you use it to make this video. It would have been easier on my old eye balls.

    I think you've done very well.

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    Sorry MB

    It was a real quick shoot in between other stuff.

    Got to get lights and learn about manual camera controls before any more wasted time on filming .... already wasted countless hours shooting terrible footage!

    Want to do it right this time

    Thanks for feedback

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    That's dedication for you.

    i wish i had a basement!

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    Thanks so much Tim that means a lot coming from you.

    I know I should of used a tripod like MB pointed out but I tend to get carried away and needed to get my video shot quickly.

    I hope I haven't offended anyone as I do very much appreciate this is a video editing forum !!!

    The video itself I know doesn't warrant any feedback as it is pretty bad. especially from a senior member.

    Just trying to show you all that I am doing my best and taking on board and acting on what I am learning from you more experienced guys .

    I tend to focus on one thing at a time and give it my all (100%) (ie)

    1- Content /character
    2 - Studio
    3 - Lighting
    4 - Sound
    5 - Camera manual controls and getting good with it .
    6 - Editing
    7 - Website

    Hence the studio is a lot better than the video I made !

    I will post my light video soon maybe with just stills as I shot it on the same day (without a tripod !!

    I know I should be strung up !!

    Thanks a million for both your feedback and you to MB I really appreciate all the help so far.

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    I hope I haven't offended anyone
    Don't be daft.

    Don't feel bad, I know you've only had your camera a few months. You should see the stuff I produced when I got my first camera.

    I think one of the things you have to learn about film making is that it can't always be rushed. Sometimes you only get once chance to capture something and that is a lot of pressure but if you don't have that pressure don't rush it. Maybe make a mental check list of things to remember when your filming until it just becomes natural to do them.

    I tend to have a little routine which helps me mentally get into the "camera man mode".
    Open my camera bag, look inside to check everything is in there that should be,
    Set up the tripod,
    Put the camera on the tripod,
    Take off the lens cap,
    Open the view finder,
    Turn on the camera etc....

    I'm not saying this is what should to be done by everyone. for me it's like getting into character as a performer. I'm sure before you become the cat you follow some sort of routine to become that character. Well I do this before a shoot. I don't know if others do but I would suspect they do even if they don't realise they do it. I find it helps me get into the right frame of mind so when I'm behind the camera I do the best job I can do.

    I sound like a right old duffer but I've only been doing this a few year myself.
    It's going to be more difficult for you because you have to be infront of the camera and behind at the same time. May be writing out a list might help.

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    Thanks very much Midnight

    So much to learn and do and I am not the best with technology I must admit.

    It is exciting though setting high even unrealistic goals.

    A mental check list is a great idea I will work on one a.s.a.p.

    I shot my light footage at the same time so I will use stills for that one as it is a bit jumpy.

    Thanks for the advice MB as always.

    Your a real pal

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    I enjoyed that video. But I could not see a fire extinquisher. I suspect it could get quite hot down there.

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    Thanks very much Tim .

    There is one in the outside cellar hall by the stairs ....... but you are right I will make sure to move it into the studio in case.

    I don't want to make a remake of the "Towering Inferno"

    I really appreciate the feed back Tim.

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    I'm not some kind of Jedi Master Camera Man. I'm just a Pro/Am wanna be like most of on here. I make it all up as I go along. If anything I say sounds useful then use it, if not then just ignore it.

    I'm glad you like to set your self goals, without them you have no direction to move toward. The bigger the goal the further you have to travel and the journey is the important part

    AND that is the end of todays philosophical enlightenment. Well done Grasshopper.

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