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Thread: Instructional video (not mine)

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    Default Instructional video (not mine)

    Watched this on my usual browse of Vimeo an thought it a good example of an instructional video

    Anyone care to critique?

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    I feel that I could do it after watching this video. This is the best thing you could say about any instructional video.

    A friendly voice would have been nice to to give me that extra reassurance a block my age needs but I thought it was a very good video.

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    I thought the same re: being able to do it. Job done!

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    Generally good. Two bad points for me:
    There was some false looking shallow depth of field right at the beginniong and at 2:59. It added nothing and made me think my eyes had gone funny.
    The music was so bloody annoying after 30 secs.

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