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    total newbie,so excuse ignorance,bought this card and it installed ok,everything fine with tv side but cannot get audio capturing from my camcorder.i only have the yellow lead for video which works ok and the white lead for audio which doesnt seem to fit the audio input on the back of the it a case of buying an adaptor for the white lead to fit the input or something else.any help welcome thanks.

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    You'll need an RCA to 3.5mm jack for this.

    Standard audio connecters on PCs are 3.5mm phono sockets. So it's likely that you'll need a 2 x RCA female to 3.5mm phono Jack cable to capture audio. This looks a little something like this:

    Simply connect cables two and three from diagram 1 to the colour coded connections on the cable above, then plug the 3.5mm jack into the line in on your soundcard/mother board.

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    If the camcorder is like mine you only have one white plug / lead for audio ?
    I use a cable similar to the one above but mine is a stereo splitter to change mono to stereo. I think you can change your soundcard settings to split the signal too.


    Any comments on my vcr problem ?


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    Think the new Radeon is a good idea I think you've almost exhausted all avenues, so it's time to treat yourself to some new equipment

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