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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Default Hi everyone

    Hoping to contribute to this forum. I am mainly a video promoter. Would be glad to work with people here. Thanks. ))

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    No, you're not a video promoter. You use dodgy tactics to artificially inflate video viewing stats on YouTube.

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    dodgy tactics? nah )), no way its dodgy. At the end of the day, if i am dodgy, it will be plain for all to see, am i not right ? Besides you will see analytics of where the views come from etc. I actually like you comments, why dont you give it a trial? So you can attest to others that it works?

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    I'm sure it "works", but it's artificially inflating statistics.

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    I'm sure it "works" and views are indeed increased. But it's not real in the sense that these are engaged viewers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    I'm sure it "works" and views are indeed increased. But it's not real in the sense that these are engaged viewers.
    Assuring you man, they are real viewers, and there level of engagement depends on your video quality, how interesting it is, etc - just like any video out there. In fact, some will like, comment etc, but i decided not to add that, as its a random variable. People will like, comment based on what they feel. Therefore i wont talk about that, i will deliver the views, its left for you to make a quality video that engages them.

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    Vevcom, forgive me if I'm mistaken. But you don't appear to have offered any actual examples of 'your work'.

    And since we are clearly not astounded by your offers, you do appear to be attempting to build an audience out of us.
    How long before someone takes you up on your 'service' and you pimp it out on here?

    Do you actually make any video?
    I personally am only really interested in viewing and commenting on videos where the author is actually present in the conversation.
    And, as a creative, one liners that offer no constructive opinion, don't impress me either.

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    to be truthful, i reasoned that as a video creating forum, some members might be interested in video promotion. However, i can already see that is not the case. As for "pimping" out of here - as you derogatorily put it, it's not my style. I could give up long time ago, and wouldn't bother to reply to posts here. Alas, it seems i am just spending my time defending and explaining. I accept the situation, not everyone would like the service, some do, some don't. But i also appreciate getting a benefit of doubt from time to time. I am willing to build an audience, first time i ever saw a video making forum, should be interesting to go through, but i ask myself, do i want to keep coming here, defending myself, if i keep getting painted in a bad light???

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    Benefit of the doubt doesn't happen when money is involved.
    A strangers word on the internet is worth nothing.
    You should know that.
    Audiences, youtube hits, engagement through social media is built up through Influence.
    Requesting money on your word alone isn't enough.
    Which, again, in your line of business, you should know.
    I find it surprising that you are coming to this realisation only now....

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    Don't fault anything you say, as you are right. Maybe what i should have done is offer free reviews to admins here, so they can see and give honest feedback to others.

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