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Thread: Need an editor for upcoming show.

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    Default Need an editor for upcoming show.

    I'm starting a bizar comedy/skit show comparable to something on adult swim....just amped up in weirdness and violence by 10 lol. I'm looking to make it about 10 minutes per episode and need an editor for the episodes. If you're looking to get into editing let me know....just as long as u get the type of humor lol

    Preferably unpaid least at first. it will definitely be fun though. is my email
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    Paid work? Unpaid Work? You'll need a lot more details to attract serious editors!

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    I am totally interested! I am a first year television student with my own editing software, you'd just need to send me the clips and I'd be able to make you an awesome video! I don't mind unpaid work, because it'd just be for fun and experience.

    My email is If you think I'm suitable, hit me up x
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