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    Hello again
    This time I bring you a teaser which is a collaboration project. The intention of this teaser is attract interest with the final intention to attract finance for a feature film. This teaser is created from a short film version that we intend to use for pitching.

    As always we welcome any comments

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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    More like Broken Link It looks as scary as hell.

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    Any comments form anyone? Thanks midnight for correcting the link.

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    I appreciate that the idea is to give the impression that the camerawork was under duress, however the very beginning was not and therefore in my view should have been much better exposed.
    The battery symbol looked a bit cartoonish.

    But the actual content was very effective.

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    I agree the battery level looked a bit big in relation to the rest of the picture BUT I think it's acceptable to a lay observer who doesn't see these things as often as we do.

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