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    So, I'm about to buy a new iMac for editing. There are some refurbished models that I'm looking at that have all of the specs I want, except for the graphics card. I was wondering how much of a difference a graphics card with 1GB of memory will make as opposed to a graphics card with 2GB of memory. We're talking about a $1,000 difference here so if I don't need that extra 1GB of memory then I don't want to waste the money. I will be using Final Cut Pro 7, and most of the Adobe CS5 programs. After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Flash, etc. Will this make much of a difference in how my computer handles things?

    Here are the specs that I want.

    3.4GHz Quad Core i7 processor,
    4GB of RAM which I will be upgrading to 16GB with aftermarket RAM,
    256GB solid-state hard drive, (I will be primarily using external drives for data storage.)
    2GB graphics card.

    The refurbished model has all of this but the graphics card. Does anyone know how much of a difference that will make?

    Thanks for your help, and please no comments about how I should just get a PC instead. I'm aware that they are far cheaper, and I agree that the Windows OS is much better, but certain clients require that I use FCP rather than Premiere, and vice versa. Apple runs both, so this is my best option.

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    Now for a $1000 price difference between Cards, There is lot more that is different than just the graphics memory, It probably has double the processing cores of something, Find out the model number of the 2 cards, Go to the manufactures website, And find out what the difference is, Then make a choice yourself.

    Also, Think about whether the cards can use the MPE in Premier Pro, MPE WILL Make a massive difference, But you need to find that out.

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