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    Hey guys, sorry if I posted this in the wrong category, I couldnt find one for reels so I thought I should put this here -

    Basically I started filmmaking and cinematography as a main hobby last year, and I put together quickly yesterday a reel of some of my favourite shots.

    This is my first showreel, I am currently studying film and media at college and hope to carry film production and cinematography on at university level.

    Constructive criticism would be great, also the shots that have an odd frame size and have the truck and people running, that was from a short film I shot in 2010, it was my first ever short film and I turned out bad, but I still loved it

    Also I don't consider myself even an amateur at cinematography, and I know some people probably think my shots look like a beginners, this is because they are

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    I don't consider myself even an amateur at cinematography
    An amateur is someone who does something for the love of it. So I would say you are an amateur cinematographer. People who want a crit of their work post in the user video section. I remember your detective writer video being ok.

    As for your reel, well it's a bit early days, I think you've got some nice images but nothing that really stands out and some which should be taken out. eg the skiing shot. If I was putting together a cinematography show reel I would show whole sections of movies I've made rather than just one or two shots of each movie. This is so the viewer can see you can put a piece together and not just take a snap shot together.

    I suppose it depends on the purpose of the reel and who it is meant to be shown to.

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    Agree entirely with Midnight.

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    agreed as well. Some parts of this vid really look great, and some others, not so much. All in all, it felt a little long for a 1'30" vid, either something shorter and/or faster paced if you want to focus on nothing but images. either something longer with, as said by midnight, longer film sequences.

    also, the "click here to watch this movie" was fairly annoying and didn't look "professional" at all. Some manage to gracefully integrate/embed those youtube links within the videos themselves, if you want to keep the links, I suggest you try that.

    Some shots were really good looking, it seems that you have much of the technique down already. But all in all, it didn't feel to me that they were telling a story, and when they did, it often seemed like a story I've heard many times already. be crazier, try harder, fail harder, learn better.

    PS: I have no legitimacy whatsoever to criticize your work, so if you want to take the advice, go ahead, if you don't, you probably won't lose much ^^ Good luck for your future endeavors !

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    If you'd like a bench mark I found this. I think this a great example of what to aim for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    If you'd like a bench mark I found this. I think this a great example of what to aim for.

    now that was epic !!!! just watching it once, I got that much better !

    this forum is so full of win, it should be illegal

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