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Thread: Tuk-Tuk trip in Cambodia

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    Default Tuk-Tuk trip in Cambodia

    Discover another corner of Angkor and the fascinating city of Siemreap with the attractions that explain the history and culture and see how many ordinary Cambodians live with Tuk-Tuk trip )

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    Whilst it held a strange fascination, I rather think that this was a massive waste of an opportunity.

    Perhaps I'm wrong. Prehaps if you'd stopped there was a real risk of being mugged or something.

    That can be the only reason that you would travel all that way only to fail to stop and take some watchable shots. There is so much opportunity to show the ancient buildings in some detail and contrast that with the vibrant colourful market stalls along the roads. And I'm sure there must have been some evocative live sound that could have washed all over the footage.

    Instead you've tried to add interest by including what seemed to be wholly inappropriate Bollywood type music and silly sped up footage. What did you think that would add to the piece.

    Some sort of commentary or captions about what we were looking at might have added interest, but you didn't really hold a shot steady for long enought to make that work.

    Very disappointing. I was thinking we hadn't seen a straightforward documentary here for some time and I was quite looking forward to it.


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    Looks an incredible place .......

    I found it quite hard to watch (ie) quite jumpy but I realise you were filming on the go .

    Some really good footage but didn't have time to savour it as it was all very quick.

    I liked some of it (footage) and you have done a better job than I could of done (beginner) but got to be honest with you I agree with Tim the music was quite annoying after a while.

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