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    the second video have made with my dslr, please let me know what you think.


    Something on the more artsy side from me.

    First snow - YouTube

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    I like it. It takes us on a little emotional journey. The thing I really liked about it is you did a proper white balance. So many people don't.

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    Great little film. No need to say more than what MB said.

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    Great quality ..... loved the opening 5 seconds of boy looking out of window very artistic.

    Only very short video but thought it was good plus I love snow (pity the smiley isn't smiling ..... but hey something is better than nothing

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    Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.

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    Your son is a great pantomime actor--that takes talent!

    A totally charming video!

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    not keen on the audio cut at 31 seconds apart from that nice little film.

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    I'll admit that the sound blip bothers the crap out of me now as well.

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