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    I thought you stitched it together well. I'm not sure about the milky look you've given it. These sort of videos are a great exercise in editing disiplin in keeping continuity and flow of motion etc.

    Well done.

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    Loved the start (ie) titles text and music

    Very good with no dialogue as non was needed.

    Great emotion displayed on the face at 36 seconds.

    Lots of great camera work …loved the close up of cigarette but wasn’t fussed on clothes transitions (ie) getting changed.

    Wasn’t very good quality was that you tube or like midnight said in editing?

    Overall I liked it and enjoyed very much watching it .

    You are talented.

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    Very homo-erotic. The look to the camera at 1:02 definitely looked like an ad for a gay singles website of phone line. Then you followed it with all those close-ups of your mouth sucking on a cigarette.

    If that was the intention, you've pulled it off. Even if it wasn't, I thought it all hung together very well. It demanded attention. Well done. I'm not certain about the milky look (a good description, Midnight), but I think it works I'm finding it hard to imagine the film without it.

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