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Thread: The Reign Over Regime - Massive Battle & Epic Shootout

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    Default The Reign Over Regime - Massive Battle & Epic Shootout

    Hello there.

    What we have here is action scene where two extraordinary gentlemen face military force of around 70 men. Little something we filmed last summer as part of our third short film. Yes, Youtube is pretty much filled with all kinds of action scenes, but here we tried to stand out a bit with sheer scale. We only had three actors avaible (of which only one portrayed the whole enemy force), but with some creative use of cloning effect we managed to make it look like there is whole army there. I think we succeeded in that relatively well. Check it out if you have some time, I'm quite sure you wont get bored.

    At the very least we had much fun filming it, hope you guys like it and thanks for watching.

    Massive Battle HD - The Reign Over Regime - YouTube

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    I'm really not a fan of this type of FX video BUT I thought this one was so well made that I'd comment on it. Totally unbelievable, yes, two against dozens, taking out a tank with a catapult, priceless. The over all look was good and the FX done very well. Over the top on the blood as usual but it was fitting with the rest of the humour.

    Well done lads.

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    very good guys

    "Suprise Cock Fags"
    "Rock Out With Your Cock Out"

    Very good ...... looked like you had a lot of fun making this.
    Loved 1.10 (ie) starting phone music
    1.59 double machiny (is that spelt right?)
    2.06 blood on screen effect.

    Realise you guys were limited on actors but wasn’t fussed on cloned baddies but hey your forgiven because of the tank!

    Good job

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    Thank you very much. I was afraid I might get a bit more harsh feedback, as the disclaimer for this forum did give a warning. I'm glad you liked it, and I was wondering how many people did actually read those arm badges.

    Btw, the assault rifle wielding character was named Rooster, so the "Rock Out With Your Cock Out" is all the more fitting.

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