How on erth do you edit and export AVCHD.

I bought a Sony HXR-NX5E largely for the convenience of using SD cards.

Ever since I have been largely unable to either edit or export the final product using Adobe Premiere Pro. CS5

My system is

Dell Precision T5599
Xeon R CPU E6603 2 core 2.00 ghz
8 gb Ram
NVIDIA Quadro 400

I input the MTS files from Hard disk into Premiere Pro, editing is unbelievably clunky and slow with regular system failure, although I have manafed to produce two@final edits@ one 2hours long and one 1.5 hourd.

Exporting these as largely proved a total disaster with virtually no suvcess and no matter what codec I se or even the supposed file, size each export including many failures has taken beyween 14 or as currently working an estimated 36 hours.

This cannot be correct.

Has anybody got any suggestions as to what I can do to sort this out, I only need the final file to play back on my HD Tv via a WD TV Live Hub.