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Thread: HV30 motion blur problem

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    Im filming in my car using a HV30 mounted to a Gecko Mount (Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount - Support system: Electronics) fixed to the windscreen.

    Ive just filmed some first time test footage and im getting horrible interlace lines across the footage. Now i know its not the glass on the windscreen because the footage is fine when the car is stopped so it must be the settings on the camera. Ive got it set for HDV, not HDV25 because i thought that should work better, Cine Mode is on and ive got shake reduction on but i doubt its that anyway. All other settings are pretty much standard.

    Heres the footage test - YouTube

    Can anyone help me on the best settings, i want to film a new music video tomorrow and the footage will look rubbish like this!!!!!.....i know it can be done done becuase heres a great example..

    Thanks in advance!


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    You seem to have a couple of problems one is bad vibration as though the camera is not fixed on the correctly with some sort of cushioning that will absorb the bumps.

    The interlace issue is often caused by rendering with the wrong field order for HD footage it should be upper field first or if you want progressive set it to that.

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    Thanks Midnight,

    Yes, i rendered it using my standard Vimeo template which is set for progressive. This was filmed HDV so i need to change it to interlaced.

    Dont think i can get Gecko Mount to hold the camera any more stable, its suction mount so there is inevitably going to be some give in the suction cup. Might try adding some tape over the top or something unless you can offer a better idea???

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    Just one more thing, i choose MP4 to render if i set my project properties to HDV 50i since there is no template which matches the project properties. Even if i use MP4 anyway and change the standard settings to upper field first, its still interlaced on playback. I want to use MP4 because its going on the net. I chose to use HDV for filming this since i hear that 25P is choppy at high speeds.

    Would you mind telling me what setting i should have for project and render??

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    Where exactly on the car are you fixing it. You could experiment with different positions to see if that helps. I know it's a bit late for experimenting now but without that we're only really guessing as to how the camera is going to work at the various positions. You might be getting a particular vibration, at particular location in the car, at a particular engine speed. Take it easy on the accelerator and find a smooth piece of road if you can.

    Shooting at 50i should be fine, try and set your shutter speed to 1/100 or 180 depending on how your camera displays the shutter speed. If you are still using Sony Vegas, you can get Vegas to detect the media properties by clicking on the Match Media Settings button at the top of the Project properties box. Then browse to a piece of the footage and select it. That will set the project properties for that footage. When you do the final render try and match those setting as close as you can.

    I don't know what else to suggest so I hope the above helps.

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    Hi Midnight

    Im trying more tests tonight but with the single suction version of the Gecko, i think ill only get good results on smooth roads which in this country is errr...motorways!.........Gecko do a twin suction which is more stable, i should have got that in hindsight.

    I know what you mean about the Match Media Settings function, its just that when you go to render properties, theres an option to do the same there, only MP4 isnt one of them........ill figure it out

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    There is no match media setting for rendering that I'm aware of. You have to look at the properties of the footage you are using. When you look at the Project Media tab and select a piece of footage it gives you all the info about it like size, frame rate etc..

    Use that info to help you pick the right template for the format you want to render in.

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