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Thread: I am a noob that needs help

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    Default I am a noob that needs help

    I just started learning today how to video edit. I have had the adobe 5.5 master collection for a while and decided it was time to learn a new skill. I started by trying to make a couple of title intros just to get used to effects, and i have been learning at a remarkable pace...My only problem is my final outcome looks like this:

    The noise that appears over the video occurs post rendering, but not within my RAM preview in Adobe After Effects CS5.5

    The specs on my computer that I just built (something I am actually good at) may be the problem

    intel i5 2500k 3.3 GHz
    8gb Ripjaw (1600mHz)
    Asus (Nvidia) Geforce 560 Ti (900mHz)

    I originally built this PC with gaming in mind, and it really can play any game I throw at it, but I realize, although my processor is good, it can definitely hold me back in my video rendering. If I overclock my i5 will that solve my problem, or should I upgrade to an i7 ivy bridge when it comes. Would upgrading to 16 gb of RAM help? Are none of these the problem, and I should have no problem?

    I would really appreciate your help, and hopefully this community can help expedite my growth in this field.


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    It turns out that I may have temporarily solved my problem. When I rendered the video to my SSD the video looked great. Before it was going to an external. Will a usb 3.0 drive work well?

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