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    Hi, I had this vid in mind since quite some time and I finally got around making it. It's different than what I usually do, I took the opportunity to try and follow one of the last advice that midnight gave me. let me know what you think. Also it's the first time I try and go for the "vintage" look, so I probably messed up quite a lot here or there, let me know how I can do it better. (I'm on premiere CS5 if you need to know)

    thanks for watching

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    I think you have reached a stage in your video making that puts you at a cross roads. Which path you follow is up to you. I'll try and explain. You can continue making these cute little videos of your self showing your yoyo skills, which are impressive, OR you can take videography to another level. You seem to have a strong artistic and creative streak in you. You also show a good aptitude for editing, choosing the music, judging the pace of the cutting etc. These are the things that I think are harder to teach to some one as they are more of an internal feeling than following a rote procedure.

    I think you need to make a move from being in front of the camera and concentrate on directing and filming. This will enable you to get the sort of shots needed to make the above example from being an ok video to something stunning.

    Example you have a couple of long establishing shots which is fine but at around 30 seconds the video screamed close up at me but it didn't come. I thought about this for a moment and realised you couldn't shoot the close up because you were in front of the camera. The other thing you will never be able to do is any sort of camera movement.

    So it’s time to make your choice is it the blue pill or the red pill.

    OR you have the third way which is just ignore everything I’ve said, this can often be the best choice.

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    Thank you. As you might think, I've been thinking of this for quite a long time. Actually making a full feature movie is on my "to do list" of things I want to do in my life. So it took me to various places, one of the fist was photography. I always needed a medium to begin with, like for photography it was my car at that time. then I moved on from taking photos of my cars to taking photos of other cars, then taking photos in general or for other people. I always had video in mind. So I took the step one year ago buying my first cam (that I still use to date) in order to film my yoyoing.

    As for recently, I've took some contacts of artists and we'll try and do music videos, I'll try to work with a storyboard and prepare the shootings as much as possible.

    but there is an issue, and this is the same issue I keep encountering whenever I try to work with others.

    when I film myself, I know what has to be done and I know the work it represents. But when working with or for others, they generally have very little idea of the work and dedication involved in order to make a good shot. So it usually ends up being really difficult to manage the human side of things if your actors or partners are not, if not professionals, educated amateurs.

    We'll see how things go, I definitely want to move forward for the very reasons that you mention. being alone imposes some significant limitations.

    But when you have a precise idea of what you want, it's sometimes difficult to get people to do just the right thing at the right time, or to be patient enough to repeat, repeat and repeat some more the same exact sequence.

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    Oh my god, he's taken the red pill. Spit it out quickly before it's too late. Only joking.

    I totally understand what your saying. This is the art of the director. I can only recommend that you start to get a group of friends around you who are willing to make the effort that you want from them. In the UK I've found that amateur dramatic groups can be a good source of free and understanding actors. I know it's not always easy to find like minded people.
    You could try hooking up with other indi film makers where you are and see what they do to get things done.

    If all else fails get your self a production assistant to handle the human side of the equation and you can concentrate on the creative side.

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    amateur dramatic groups eh? that's actually a very good idea, I'll try that, see how it goes. until then, I'll keep doing cute vids ^^


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