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    Hi guys.

    I'm currently working on my dissertation in which I hope to improve the current Audio Description aids available in the UK.

    I am looking for a student to collaborate with as I require a short film between 5-20 minutes to apply my work to. This piece can be a pre existing piece or something you hope to finish within the near future.

    Two copies will be made and submitted, one with standard Audio Description and the second with the enhanced version.

    Donating your film for use will help both my research and development within the industry. I am more than happy to give you full permission to use the Audio Description I produce for yourself and future showings. This opens your film to a whole new, eager audience. I also hope to display my work at the DMU Technology Degree show in which you will be given full film credit, with many industry professionals present this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work.

    I would require all the raw files, as some minor editing to the film would need to be made. (Still images at certain points to allow for further description, etc)

    If you're interested in this project please email me on:

    Kind Regards,
    Charlotte Heale

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    What a great idea. It's a shame I don't have anything suitable for you to use.

    Good luck.

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