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    Facebook is a very good social media site. And give us good back links. I feel this the best for back links.

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    today social media is one of the best marketing thing which can drive lot of traffic and get qualified visitors to the company, it acts like a mediator between a company and user .

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    Take your "3 minutes-a-day" dose of Facebook and you will remember why books are much better and why you always hated stupidity!

    Oh, on the other hand, it´s a great way to promote and sell..... if you need to promote or sell anything of course!!!

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    Facebook is my small business's biggest draw for gaining new customers. Every time I finish a new video, I post it on our timeline, as well as posting it to other pages that have fans who may be looking for what we have to offer. The band who hired us posts it on theirs, and it just snowballs from there. But you do have to stay really active on it, or else your posts won't show up in your "likers" news feeds as much. The more interactive your posts are, the more they will be seen, which leads to more people liking your page and more business you will get.

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    Facebook is an absolute reflection on real life; dreaming of 'making it' on Facebook is no different to real life dreaming.

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    I personally prefer twitter although it is not that widespread worldwide...but it doesn't need many words and is straight to the point...but social media needs to be used effectively matter if facebook or twitter or whatever
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    its good for promoting your services , i main back drop is to develop and trust and relevancy in the online market to gain for users and leads.

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    I tried to use it for some advertising but it didn't really work for my. In my experience it is somewhat difficult to generate enough followers to really make it worthwhile. Personally I think twitter is a more effective advertising tool, although its also a bit more tricky.

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