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    Lightbulb Facebook

    So, how do you all use facebook, or more specifically facebook pages?
    Do you see it as a powerful social media tool for building an audience, or do you find it impossible to rank up enough 'likes' to make it worthwhile?

    Do you go as far as making pages for your individual films, or do you stick to just one for your studio name?

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    I don't use Facebook for my film work at all, I'm over 50 !

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    I've used it for a good few years for my stuff. I find it's a lot nicer and public way of keeping a large group of people up to date rather than email lists. I have a page that I post updates about my latest work to, and it works just like an RSS feed so that for anyone who likes it on facebook, those statuses will appear on their homepage next time they log in.

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    Facebook is great! Most big companies use it, as adverts on TV refer to their product. "Find us on Facebook" And people can talk about it. Thing is you have to keep your content fresh. otherwise people loose interest quick. Like last post 3 months ago. That's why I prefer Twitter. Short sharp and straight to the headline. Of course you can always refer your clients to your Facebook URL.

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    I see the benefit of using it but I have yet to produce something really worth promoting.

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    Twitter is a perfect introduction for YOUR breaking news headline. Facebook is great! As you can go into more detail about your product and we can all comment too. "FIND US ON FACEBOOK" Oh and

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    Are you nuts MB

    "Holy Island of Lindisfarne" enough said

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    Me again sorry accidentally hit the send button. To continue with previous post. "Oh and" = over 60. No excuse midnight

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    We've been using facebook for some time now and have found it a great tool.
    It's a very popular site with heavy traffic. Plenty of discussion and interaction. Exceptional for building a customer base as there is lots of opportunity to reach out to new customers and learn from other producers and business owners.

    Notifications are extensive without being intrusive or annoying.
    User friendly interface enables you to customise easily and make use of a number of apps including the ability to connect to twitter so that whatever generic posts you make on one appears on the other. Useful when you are have to post the same information on multiple Social Network sites.

    You can embed any videos you may have on sites like YouTube to your profile and business page as well as share links to your own website and API page.
    Also available is a 'Facebook Ad'. Having created a page for your business you can design an advert to build awareness, drive sales with promotions, or attract other facebook users to your page. These not only generate awareness but can be customised to target facebook users with particular areas of interests. Meaning you get a high click rate and attracts those most likely to make purchases and pass on the word of your great page and content.

    Keep posting! A steady stream of posts and new material is important when using any social networking sites.
    New releases, company updates, promotional offers, personal announcements. Each time you post a comment, video, image or change your profile all your contacts will be informed. Regular notifications keep your presence active and in a shared space and creates familiarity.

    With all that this site has to offer, ensure you create a full experience for your 'friends' here. Upload photos, videos, post on your own and other peoples pages regularly to be seen as an active member of the community and really engage with people.

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    I think Facebook is good for advertising! Most of good companies use Facebook for advertise your product.

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