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    I am having a lot of trouble with hard cuts. like in this video where it just cuts from one shot to a completely different shot I have been trying to do this with my videos but they always seem off a bit or not right...I dont know what I may be doing wrong in the program or if I should be cutting at certain spots to make it smoother.
    I just want to go from one clip to another with no transition but it not look off or weird idk how to explain it.
    but if anyone could give tips on good hard cuts or rules to follow with cuts when its best to cut etc it would be much appreciated!
    I know newb question to but ive tried many diff times to get this right and it just never comes out good
    Using adobe premiere cs5.

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    It might be better if you post an example of your own work so we can see were you're going wrong.

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    Alright..there ya go

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    I don't see anything wrong with what you have posted here. You followed a logical linear time line which works. ie interior shot of driving in the car cut to point of view of the driver. Cut to guys pointing at the road, back to pov of driver. All good stuff. Not sure about the shot of the crossing and the reveres effect but you seem to have gotten a good series of cuts together.

    The key is tell a story (narrative) use the cuts to follow time as it passes but you can make jumps in time with the cuts once you get a handle on the basics. Make the video tell a story have this planned out before you do the shoot and the editing will be easier and feel more natural.

    Hope this helps.

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    it does help..maybe its just me? lol idk they just dont look as smooth as hard cuts in that video i posted or hard cuts in movies etc..they just look weird to me lol maybe cuz im new to this? idk but thanks for the advice

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    Well the other video is clearly more "professionally" made.
    The thing that strikes me in the other video is that while there are tons of cuts, you always have the common denominator which is the rapper himself, most of the time straight facing the cam. Having a common denominator will help you smooth things out. The "pro" vid you posted also has a strong artistic and personal feel, which means that someone else would be unlikely to do copy it and be as successful.

    Yours is artistically different, less abstract and more down to earth.

    regardless I enjoy the music on both, any info on the band from your vid? is there any place where I can listen to their music?

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