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Thread: Question about pan and scan

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    Default Question about pan and scan

    I wanted to zoom into a part of my video so used the pan and scan feature, after playback it did zoom in ok but the picture was weird one second it would be focused in the part I wanted only for the picture to drift to the right.

    Any ideas on how I can stop this happening.


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    Not sure what you mean but i have an idea. Are you using multiple clips in the timeline? You should pan and scan all of them. If you want to keep it really accurate when you've "pan and scanned" one clip the icon for it on the clip in the timeline turns blue, you can copy and paste that onto any other clips you have which will keep it as accurate as the first. Hope this helps. If not then i dont know, not experienced that issue
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    You have almost certainly got another keyframe further down the timeline and the picture is moving towards that.
    1. Tidiest - locate and delete the other keyframe
    2. Avoiding the issue - right click on the keyframe you've placed where you've zoomed in and select "hold"

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    great, thanks.

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