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Thread: About a dismissed woman...Canon 7D

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    Default About a dismissed woman...Canon 7D

    "No Promises"

    My first planned clip.
    A non profit project, shot in aug, oct and nov 2011.
    Music by NERO - "Promises" [Skrillex&Nero Remix] (edited with original)

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    It's very nicely made but I felt you over sexualised the woman. This seemed inappropriate for the song.

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    I absolutely loved the colour in the golden hour sequence. The cinematography and colouring all round was excellent, along with a very nicely paced edit.
    Very nice details with the tear rolling down the face and the use of shallow depth of field.

    If there's only one thing I think could make this short better would be to round it off at the end as though it were a whole story. As it is it simply shows the state of mind of the woman. An extra scene, or extended ending could wrap it up nicely.

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