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Thread: Recording desktop - please advise asap

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    Hi guys, quick question: if I need to record a PC desktop (with standard web sized, i.e. small text on it) and upload it to YouTube, but my desktop resolution is 1920x1200, what do I do in Vegas, so that the video is as clean and sharp and well readable as the source? I mean when the source resolution is higher than 720p and even 1080p resolutions and I don't want the output video to be in some non-standard resolution such as the 1920x1200 (which I'm not sure YouTube allows anyway).

    I thought that to be no problem, since the resolution is higher, not lower, but all the renders Vegas gives me are of terrible quality (blurry etc., generally very badly looking and hard to read). So my guess is that the resolutions to be the problem, since it's downscaling.

    Hope the question's understandable, tried to keep it short and simple, if not, please let me know and I'll describe it better.

    Thank you very much.

    Edit: Ok, I found out that setting both the project and render resolutions to 1920x1200 actually works and an uploaded video looks pretty good but I feel it could still look a bit better, especially at 480p (or god forbid lower resolutions). Is there another way?
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