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Thread: XLR Microphones I Thought They Were Shielded ?

  1. Default XLR Microphones I Thought They Were Shielded ?

    OK I was making a documentary the other day.... I was working with the Sony A1E Camcorder and it's standard issue XLR Shotgun Microphone. Now when I got to the video editing stage I heard "Moblie Phone Interference" in my video footage ?

    Correct me if i'm wrong but I always thought that XLR Microphones were shielded to prevent such things like mobile phone interference from happening ? Any one able to share some light on this for me ?



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    My (weak) understanding of this is, yes, there is some shielding on the cable to help reduce interference and give an XLR cable will give a balanced audio signal which enables cables to be longer and better. BUT there is no shielding on the mic it's self. The strength of the interference has also to be taken into account as everything is relative.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue...... I forgot that XLR gives balanced audio..... So there is no shielding on the mic it's self which means you can still get interference. OK but the benefits of XLR then is

    1) Balanced audio signal
    2) Phantom Power

    if anyone else has any others for me to add to the list the just post below.

    thanks strober

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    If your in an interview, ask the talent to turn their phones off.

    And as the cam-op, you should turn your phone off too!

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    Thanks Bpotter908.... your advice has been noted. I was on set the other day and the Director asked everyone to turn off their phones, so it too must of been for this reason i.e. mobile interference.

    Again I'm still very much NEW to the Video Game as I've been a photographer for many years, but I have to say it, that I really am enjoying this new game called video making

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    And don't assume the interference has been picked up by the mic/cable. There's a whole bunch of circuitry in the camera.

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    I remember when someone left an Iphone on top of some radio mic receivers....boy oh boy did that cause problems!

    Boring bit of information on why XLR cables are "shielded"

    There are 3 cores inside the cable, Shield, Hot & Cold.

    Hot is like this >>>>>
    Cold is like this <<<<<
    One is inverted to the other, So when noise latches onto the cable watch

    Hot -----
    Cold -----
    Because the noise is the same, it cancels it's partner out on the other core, Which is why hot and cold are inverted so they do not cancel each other out. It also gives a bit more volume.
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    Thread is starting to become a little bit complicated now

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    I suppose we could sum it up by simply saying that cell phones and walkie talkies are bad news to be around with anything that has a mic preamp inside.
    Not only that but I also need to get one of those "Dead Cat" wind shields for my on board shot gun mic cause that wind noise is really annoying the hell out of me lads.

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    And make sure to pack a very long stick so you can hit the spectator in the background who starts giggling during the shoot, that noise does irritate. ( Just don't let the Director have it, Or he'll hit you and everyone else every 30 seconds )

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