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Thread: Voiceover / narration improvements through Vegas Pro 11

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    I need to make by myself a voiceover / narration to a video. However, I donít have a professional voice! Does anyone know if it is possible to make any improvements in voiceover / narration record through Vegas Pro 11? What would be the tools/effects available?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    You can fiddle around with compression, EQ, pitch and speed. But you can't do much about the intonation - and it is the intonation which makes the difference etween a good and a bad voiceover.

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    As Tim has said in't not really about the tools, it's about the delivery. Once you have a clean recording that about it on the technical side apart from a few embelishment perhaps like adding reverb etc.

    I you really want to have a go and make a good job what I always do is listen to good examples of people doing voiceovers, record your self and listen to the difference see if you can spot what they do that you aren't and vice versa. Practice improving voice delivery in different emotional moods to help free up your inner voice so you begin to sound natural and confident.

    Well that's my tips but please bear in mind that I'm rubbish at VOs.

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    cadu, have you resolved this issue?

    As others have suggested, any editing program is only fiddling with the edges of a voiceover - the easiest solution is to find a better voice - someone that enjoys making speeches - an out-of-work ex-MP, an actor down, but not out - or a speaking-club member - some of them are excellent -er, and may be able to improve the scrip so it has that "I want more" that rivets the audience to their seats.

    If it's a commercial vid, then the budget should extend to the voiceover - as it almost 50% of the power of the film....indeed it may be greater than that, which is why cadu has asked our help....

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