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Thread: Test footage for potential web series shot in front of green screen

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    Smile Test footage for potential web series shot in front of green screen

    Hey all!

    Some friends and I are developing a potential web series and we shot some test footage.

    We decided to shoot in front of a green screen. At this stage we are still experimenting.

    Any feedback is much appreciated!


    "Super Life" Test Scene - YouTube

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    Really cool . When she hit the table with the knife how did she know where to stop to make it look just right????? Nice sound effect by the way??? I'm new to the green screen??

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    Good job! Really like how stylized it is. Which program did you use to overlay the scene?

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    It was quite interesting. Will all the series be made with that amber colouring and glowing about the people's bodies? It looks an interesting way to get over some of the lighting issues that folk have with green screens.

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