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Thread: Somewhat bad quality on final vid. and a few other questions

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    Default Somewhat bad quality on final vid. and a few other questions

    Hi, first off, why on earth is there no "video editing techniques" section on this forum?

    then here's a video I made, I made sure that there was enough light (sunny day + additional LED torch), didn't go over the top with the levels and color correction (Adobe premiere CS5) but I ended up with that grainy look for some reason.

    Camera used are a Canon Legria HFM306 and a GoPro Hero 2

    then, a few other general questions (I really wish there would be a section to ask them) about transitions. I usually go with my feeling when I choose between transitions. it's either cross dissolve, regular "cut" transition or sometimes some more fancy "dip to black" and rarely "dip to white". Is there a general "rule of thumbs" in order to choose which transition to go for?

    Then, I was wondering how I could go for that extreme glitched look you can find on the "Insides" live video from Jon Hopkins like with the image jumping and whatnot? Other than using a 1920's cam, of course!

    thanks for your help and this wonderful (yet, in my opinion, incomplete -see above-) forum ! much love

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    There is a section called cinematography which I've always thought of as the "video editing techniques" section of the forum.

    As to why you have some shots that are grainy, well I don't really know but it looks like this occurs more on the over exposed shots. This would lead me to think it was more a camera issue than anything else but like I said I don't really know. Do you have the "grain" on the original footage or just the finished render. What you call grain looks more like compression artefacts to me.

    I don't think there is a hard fast rule for transitions just what you think looks right. for example, you might fade to white if your next shot is a light scene or you are leaving a light scene. A fade to black is often used to show a jump in time. A cross fade, I could be used with slow, soft music to give a gentle feel. These are not hard and fast rules I just do what I feel is right for the piece.

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    Alright, midnight blue thanks

    I didn't know about the "cinematography" being the section I was looking for, honestly I just read the description and it didn't seem like it, but I'll go there from now on, thanks for pointing it out

    the sun was very bright that day, and I shot in fairly fast shutter speeds, maybe that's the reason(s)?

    about the transition, I'll keep doing it as I feel then. I just wanted to know whether or not there were some basic rules such as the rules of thirds in photography and stuff like that. thanks again for everything!

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