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Thread: Final home - SSS feat. OP-ration style

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    Default Final home - SSS feat. OP-ration style

    Still a lot of things that could/should be perfected, especially when I try to alternate between both cams. Any advice on how to make it look better?

    thanks !

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    I kind of like it but it's not great. The thing I think is wrong with it may not be fixable in editing depending on what footage you have. You go from one scene to another scene with one fixed shot. What I think is missing is having footage of different angles of each scene. This will enable you to have faster cuts in places which is what is needed with a backing track like this.

    Well that's what I think.

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    Hi, yea, there's something in it that I don't really like and I can't point exactly what it is. I mean I'm more or less happy with the vid. But I struggled with the rhythm. There are some scenes where I used both cams tho. The dancer wanted me to do a shorter edit with nothing but dance so he can showcase his skills for contests and whatnot, I'll try and do that.

    thanks !

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