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Thread: Video Final Cut is 6 GB, to big for youtube.

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    Default Video Final Cut is 6 GB, to big for youtube.

    Hi there,

    I made a video with a song, it's all about te song. You're seeing the title and the artist, but it's moving a little etc. The file size is 6 gb, what's way to big for youtube. Ik checked some converter programs, but without succes. I hope somone can help me!

    I'm using a mac, made a vid, size to big, need a converter program, sound quality is important!



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    What format did you render it out at what is the duration of the video. Can't you just render the video in Final Cut with more compression ie a different format ?

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    My movie is an .mov format, the duration is 6 minutes and 30 seconds. I want to upload it to youtube, it's a music video. It's all about the song!

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    Try rendering it out at 720p and reducing the bit rate a little until your file is small enough for you.

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    I tought I had it on 720p, but I'm not shore. I'll check it again, thanks.

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    Made a new video, it's 1,78 GB with 640x480, 23.98p, 48kHz surround.
    But, it's 1080p, how can I change that?



    Made another video, 720p, 4442 sound (something like that). After 6% the file size is already 170 MB..

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    - What version of final Cut?
    - Please tell us what settings you did use
    - How long is the video.

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    - Version 10.0
    - 720p HD, 960x720, Rate: 23.98p, Surround, 44.1 kHz, Apple ProRes 442. (edit: with this settings the vid is 1,28 GB)
    - 6:30 minutes.
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    Final Cut Pro X Or Final Cut Studio?...

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    Final Cut pro X version 10.0.

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