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Thread: Professional Video Editing...Beginners,Please Help

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    Default Professional Video Editing...Beginners,Please Help

    let me tell u briefly the reason for this question before telling u the reason of posting.
    i along with my friend have a photo studio,we do still photography,and by time we got client satisfaction and thus we decided to also involve in video editing,as we got wedding photo shoots,and for video editing of wedding we have to pay to someone else who does this job,now this creates loss to us,not much but if we do this work ourselves,we can save more.

    my friend does still photo editing and he asked me to learn video editing so we divide the work load.i searched the web,and found that there are 2 softwares which are industry leading
    1.cyberlink power director
    2.adobe premiere pro vegas pro
    just for getting the knowledge i downloaded the trial of cyberlink power director and using youtube and other forum tutorials i somehow learnt the basics of video editing.then i came across a website which said,that industry standard is adobe premiere and also EASY to use,than putting more effort on power director. (also heard that sony vegas is easy to use too)
    all i want to know is,how i proceed,the purpose in mind is,not to make amateurs videos,we have to make professional looking wedding video editing with stunning effects that attract the customers towards us.

    also else than this,if u think some other advise is good for us,i would be highly thankful and greatful to you.

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    Cyberlink power is NOT industry standard, you have been misinformed. The main ones are Avid (expensive) but used by many major studios. Final Cut in various flavours (MAC), and then Premier Pro, Edius, Vegas and a few others I may have missed. Personally I use Sony Vegas which I rate very highly but learning Vegas will make it more difficuilt for you to migrate to other editing software as its quite a bit different. Fortunately your in the early stages of learning so its just a matter of preference.


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    Cyberlink Power Director as an industry standard software...............I nearly fell of my chair when I read that.

    If your serious about this, Are you prepared to spend 6 months to a year before you start snapping up expensive wedding shoot Jobs?

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    I think you will need more then software to make good professional videos.

    I would get some training, Video is similar to Photography in composition terms, but there's lots of other things involved in video, audio being one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    I think you will need more then software to make good professional videos.

    I would get some training, Video is similar to Photography in composition terms, but there's lots of other things involved in video, audio being one of them.
    yes i do understand this,my friend,he is very good in still and video shooting,and he does his work perfectly,as i explained in my 1st part,i am going to be the computer guy,mixing,editing video,editing sound,adding music etc etc.
    the environment in which we work,we know what type of customers we have,so according to their mind set,we are going ahead,it is going to be our start,by time we will learn things,at this stage we need to have good direction of those people who are already in this as far i got till now,we must start with industry standard,adobe premiere pro,i am downloading its trial to see its features,then we will buy its full version.

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    also in addition i read in the system requirements of these softwares that they need
    OHCI-compatible IEEE 1394 port for DV and HDV capture, export to tape, and transmit to DV device

    i want to know,is this card,only for capture,i mean shifting video from cam to pc,as i have been working on cyberlink power director to learn the basics of editing video,though that software has some strange things,as i cannot cut the video,to edit it,or to add pictures.
    we have this card installed in pc.what else is needed,else than system,as what they have mentioned in minimum system requirements,we have them all.please guide us in better way so we can proceed.

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    That card is also know as a FireWire card and is used to connect tape cameras HD/HDV to computers, some HDD also use it as a data transfer.

    It is used for capture (ingest) and Printing/export (recording back to camera)

    on the point "we must start with industry standard,adobe premiere pro"
    To the client It does not really matter what software or equipment you use as long as they are happy with what they get.

    I would download the trials and give them a try and see what works for you

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    uhum thanks to all people who gave advice,we chose adobe premiere pro based on many people's advice,just as to lean while we were purchasing the adobe premiere,i downloaded trial of cyber-link power director to atleast experiment on different things and learn its basics,and afterwards when i installed adobe premiere,i found that there are some differences,i dont comment on software GUI,everything works,but i found some fancy looking styles,transitions,effects in power director but in adobe,it was like everything is raw,have to make from scratch,doesn't have presets,or some samples.
    Do we need to have something additional or what else we must buy?

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    Do you know the program Garage Band?

    It's a great fun program for Apple computers, It makes it really easy for entry level users to create their own songs, it has some lovely presets built into it for generating instruments right out of the box, I can make a song in about 3 minutes in Garage Band. It comes with other fun programs from apple in a package that's about 80

    Yet there are other music editing packages out there for hundreds of pounds, Why? Why can't everyone use Garageband? Because the feature list of garage band is significantly reduced in comparison to what the "pro" audio packages can do, Yes they are more complicated yes they are harder to learn but that's about learning your trade.

    You can be an artist with kiddies crayons and that is all you do, Or you can get into paint, acrylic, fabrics, stone-work...the list goes on.

    Premier Pro is very powerful and very advanced, There is a learning curve to it, but actually, what kind of presets are you after?

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    Don't focus too much on which software to use. All non linear editors work on the same principles. If you learn non linear editing techniques you should be able to transition to a new program very easily if it is necessary.

    Software changes all the time. Since you already started with PPro, I recommend you start watching tutorials. These are sophisticated pieces of software, it's not like learning how to use a new iPhone app. Educate yourself.

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